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Don't Spill a Drop (Spill/Leak Proof Cup for Teens & Adults)

One of the challenges that I find is that many individuals with disabilities that have fine motor skill challenges, cannot drink from a regular cup without spilling. Many of the adult travel mugs or water bottles either have buttons to press to release the liquid or they are not spill/leak proof. This idea was created for toddlers for that reason to assist them in drinking independently, so why not take that a step further and change the look and make them adult size, so that a teenagers and adults that requires this type of support can not look like they are having to drink from a baby/toddlers cup/bottle. This will assist with their self esteem and give them the dignity they deserve.

Submitted by jdorn 9 months ago

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  1. Great idea! I suggest a handle on both sides, like the Uadapt.

    9 months ago
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    1. jdorn Idea Submitter

      it would be good to have that option, but for individuals that do not require the handle it would be nice not to have it either.

      9 months ago
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  2. I have an insulated mug, but I can't prepare drinks myself due to my CP. Drinks are hot for an hour, but they leak a little and I've actually spilt the whole cup and have had to wait for my carer to clean it up

    9 months ago
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