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Millions of Reasons
for accessible
technology solutions

There are over 1 billion people around the world who live with a disability. Yet we still navigate a world that is not designed to be accessible.

This World Cerebral Palsy Day, help us find the next breakthrough in accessible technology. The cerebral palsy community is made up of over 17 million individuals who have creative ideas and lived experience. The world needs your expertise!

Add your idea by 29 September for your chance to win $5,000 USD! 



Add your accessible technology ideas before 29 September!

Your ideas should be for any technology that can improve the lives of people with a disability. 

But your ideas need to be original so do a little research to
make sure it doesn't already exist.


Get inspired!

How could technology improve your daily life?

What's a challenge for people living with a disability you want to solve?

Think of a time you had a frustating experience. what could have improved it?

Have you ever solved a daily challenge in your life using materials around the home? This could inspire a new product.

If you could have an app for something really useful, what would it be?

Is there something you would love to do but can't? What technology would help you do it?

Is there a device of system you currently use that could be improved?

What technological development would make the biggest impact on your life?

Want more inspirations?

Visit the gallery of ideas!

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Spread the word and help us in the search for the
next breakthrough in accessible tech.